Gray Forensics and Consulting


  • Trying to decipher medical records can be intimidating and time consuming.  We will Interpret, evaluate, analyze and summarize all medical records - prehospital, hospital and autopsy.
  • We can locate expert witnesses.
  • Provide detailed research of any medical topic, standards of care - past and present, and explain how it relates to your case.
  • Film incident recreations.
  • Pull together medical evidence from multiple sources to create time-lines, graphs, charts, and narrative summaries.
  • Produce videos for instruction, education and training.
  • Mass fatality incidents.


Kris Gray

Kris Gray is an RN, Paramedic and Registered Medicolegal Death Investigator with over 20 years of experience in emergency services and forensic investigation.  She has established a team of qualified and experienced experts with law enforcement, medical and forensic backgrounds to ensure your case receives a detailed and thorough investigation.

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